If you don’t care about me, just be honest and say it. Save us some time and energy so there is no pretending and no bullshit.

Can everyone stop attempting to run my life as if I wasn’t already doing so? Last I checked I wasn’t doing a bad job. I’m a law abiding citizen with no major life problems. Back off mind your business and don’t dare get upset if I say so!

Everyone thinks they can tell me to calm down but if I ever suggest that when the rolls are reversed it’s like a crime. How about we all mind our own business from now on!!

After two going on three years in this natural adventure, my hair still refuses to grow out. It would rather concentrate on growing itty bitty curls with no organization and be super dense.

I can’t remember the last time I nearly snatched someone by their hair but I almost did it today. I have no patience for a stick of a girl, who I could probably throw into a wall, snapping at be like the bird she is.